Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review - Uncharted 4.5 Mapquest Boogaloo

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review – Uncharted 4.5 Mapquest Boogaloo

A Legacy Not Lost Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was marketed as a new kind of Uncharted game. The Lost Legacy was pitched to gamers as an Uncharted game focused on open world adventure and gameplay. With the rising success of many sandbox style games, Uncharted seemed to be very well suited to the open world […]

luke cage in a hoodie

Luke Cage Review – Season 1: Character Breakdown of a Massive Disappointment

Coming off the heels of critically acclaimed Marvel Netflix series Jessica Jones, fans were eagerly awaiting the release of Luke Cage, the bulletproof behemoth with superhuman strength. What we were left with, however, was a giant disappointing piece of shit plagued with stupid characters and god awful writing. Let’s see what this Luke Cage review […]

Atlanta Review - Season One: Donald Glover's Salad for Your Soul

Atlanta Review – Season One: Donald Glover’s Salad for Your Soul

Atlanta is a Masterpiece. As a long time follower and fan of Donald Glover (even since the YouTube days) I found myself excited to delve into FX’s Atlanta for this Atlanta review. The series also really fits my taste as a fan of rap culture. Atlanta is a salad with different kinds of leafy emotions that are […]

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116 Questions for Reviewing Comics + Resources: How to Review

As I sit here writing this, I think to myself “You know, this post is as much for myself as it is for the readers,” and it’s true. It’s impossible to read a comic and address every interesting aspect of it every time. That’s why I came up with these questions for reviewing comics to […]