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Avengers: Endgame – Quick Review – Narrative Gambles, Epic Battles, Saga’s End

SPOILERS AHEAD! Major plot points and twists discussed in this review. Avengers: Endgame is pretty much the superhero movie of the decade, with a $1.2 billion worldwide opening weekend and is likely to have the most reviews written for any comic book movie ever (currently #1 on IMDB for popularity and already 322 critic reviews). […]

Interview With a Guy Who Liked Spiderman Homecoming (Spoiler Free)

Interview With a Guy Who Liked Spiderman Homecoming (Spoiler Free)

3rd Time’s a Charm? Spider-Man Homecoming just came out the other day and has been getting massive praise. Let’s find out if Spider-man’s third translation to the big screen is a charm by asking a local enthusiast. I will be interviewing myself in this article where I give you just enough information for you to […]

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Does Ghost in the Shell Require an Asian Lead? A Roundtable Discussion

If you haven’t heard, Ghost in the Shell–a classic anime–is now in theaters in a re-imagined American adaptation. The movie had a disappointing opening weekend with a take of only $19 million, behind Beauty and the Beast and Boss Baby. Not the best news for a movie with a $110 million budget. One possible reason is the […]