See Lion Dark Color – UltraSoft Triblend T-Shirt

See Lion Dark Color – UltraSoft Triblend T-Shirt

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See Lion Dark Color – UltraSoft Triblend T-Shirt
See Lion Dark Color – UltraSoft Triblend T-Shirt

This lion gazes out on the Serengeti as we spy him from the side. Notice the detailed line work which makes use of contour hatching and various line weights used create a dynamic dimensionality and feel. The monocolored, bright artwork contrasts strongly with our dark shirt material, creating a bold image that pops.

  • Unique design by a CA Bay Area indie artist
  • 100% Triblend fabric: softer, cooler, & more durable than cotton
  • Vintage 'worn-in' aged print over hip heather pattern color
  • Slim fit, comfy stretch, & body flattering drape
  • Machine washable, wash before first wearing

Made-to-order, allow 2-3 days production time

andrew looking out over the ocean
Collaborating Artist

Andrew the Angry 


As humans, we can’t help but imagine the wild lives of animals. We are seduced by the danger, by the connection to nature. Lions in particular capture our daydreams as kings of beasts roaming the dry, grassy African savanna, stalking their next meal. In reality, they spend nearly 20 hours of their day sleeping, going on the hunt at night. It’s also the lionesses that actually do the prey hunting since the menfolk are a little to heavy and slow. Regardless, lions have a wondrous mystique that exudes noble danger. We can’t help ourselves; we’re drawn to the flame. Lions possess a powerful image that lends itself to tales like The Chronicles of Narnia, The Wizard of Oz, or The Lion King. We took that dark, mysterious elegance and placed it on one of our Triblend T-shirts with the proverbial lions share of softness.

This lion is captured in a side profile, cutting a bright figure on the sleeping figure of the Serengeti plains. His smaller mane suggests a younger male, still battling to prove his mettle. What’s he thinking? What’s he stalking? Look deeply in his eyes to puzzle out an answer humans can barely comprehend in its ferocity This work features a highly detailed ink drawn realistic aesthetic with an entire web of thin pen strokes used to suggest the details of a lion’s head. Contoured hatching of the line work creates the swept, curving texture of the lion’s fur, each group of marks aligned in flowing directions that is particularly noticeable in the mane portion. Although the piece eschews the use of color, the ample use of varying line weight, length, and hatching creates plenty of three-dimensionality. The monolithic color focuses your attention on the forms themselves, highlighting the technical details of the line art–in a way as stoic and brutalist as the lion itself..

If you daydream about these nocturnal predators, wandering icons of the African wild, then you’ll be happy to wear this print. Whether you’re on the hunt in the concrete jungle or sojourning through the unspoiled back country, this shirt will keep the roar of the majestic lion bouncing around your head. Keep an eye out, you never know where danger lurks.

This design is made for our dark colored Triblend T-shirts. We also offer an inverted color design for light colored T-shirts, as well as a colored version for those looking for something a little more funky.

This roughly triangular shaped print is centered on the chest and measures about 14 inches x 13 inches.

About the Artist

andrew looking out over the ocean
An SF native, Andrew grew up training as a painter. He's fond of natural subjects. Currently working on his lifelong passion, comics, and learning sequential art techniques. More by Andrew

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Benefits of Triblend Fabric in our Shirts

triblend t shirt with multicolor gradient overlay and triangle around it with text reading triblend ultra soft. durable. cool. next to itOur shirts are made exclusively of Triblend: a premium blend of 3 different fabrics for superior performance

cute kitten gives paw to human hand

Ultimate Softness

Smoother, smaller fibers for worn-in, favorite shirt comfort

Long Lasting Durability

Wash and wear without worry, it'll keep looking great

Breathable Coolness

Perfect for hectic days around town & hot weather
heather pattern shirt

Fashion Friendly Sophistication

Beautiful heather "dappled" pattern adds textural interest
yoga guy stretching his leg behind head

Comfy Stretch, Better Fit

Moves with you and flatters your body in the right places
skater catching air with a kickflip

Doesn't Weight You Down

Move like you're naked, lightweight yet functional

Details & Specs

  • 50% Polyester, 25% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton, 25% Rayon - 100% Triblend jersey knit
  • Fashion slim fit
  • Pulls over
  • Preshrunk
  • Crew neck, baby rib knit for extra fine comfort
  • 32 Singles for perfect softness and weight
  • Lightweight 145g/4.3oz per sq yard (~4.8 oz/shirt, Med)
  • Printed in Detroit, USA, with full color digital high resolution
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Sizing & Fit

model wearing triblend t shirt
Fashion slim fit follows the body gently without being too tight or too loose. Just right, we'd say.
Our shirts have a slimmish, tapered fit that isn't too tight or too loose. Slim fit varies a lot between brands, but we'd consider this in the slim family, with enough roominess to be comfortable. Some call this fashion slim fit or semi-fitted.
Protip: Prefer something with a roomier fit? Just order 1 size up!

How to Care for Your Sweet Shirt

Machine wash cold inside out to protect the print, no bleach. Pretreatment may remain on your made-to-order shirt which will add a harder, rougher texture (it's to help the print look good), the first wash will remove it and make everything nice and soft. Tumble dry low. Iron low, but avoid print.

Measurements in inches. Equivalent suit jacket sizes in parentheses for chest measurements.

Chest Length
(Suit Jacket)
27 ½ (36) 28 ½ (39) 29 ½ (42) 30 ½ (45) 31 ½ (49) 32 ½ (53)
Body Length 18 ¼ 19 ¾ 21 ¼ 22 ¾ 24 ¾ 26 ¾
Sleeve Length 7 ¾ 8 ⅛ 8 ½ 8 ⅞ 9 ¼ 9 ⅝

More Sizing and Fit Info

Additional information

Andrew Wong




Fashion Slim

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