Exploding Destroy the Comics Logo – UltraSoft Triblend T-Shirt

Exploding Destroy the Comics Logo – UltraSoft Triblend T-Shirt

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Exploding Destroy the Comics Logo – UltraSoft Triblend T-Shirt
Exploding Destroy the Comics Logo – UltraSoft Triblend T-Shirt

Science: the gentleman’s art of blowing shit up. Everyone likes a good explosion. This semi-realistic illustration of BOOM keeps it fun with cartoon style prominent outlines, simplified shading, and bright yellow flashes overlaid with our Destroy the Comics lettering. A simple, to the point, all action shirt for an all action day.

  • Unique design by a CA Bay Area indie artist
  • 100% Triblend fabric: softer, cooler, & more durable than cotton
  • Vintage 'worn-in' aged print over hip heather pattern color
  • Slim fit, comfy stretch, & body flattering drape
  • Machine washable, wash before first wearing

Made-to-order, allow 2-3 days production time

daryl pebenito profile pic
Collaborating Artist

Daryl Pebenito


Did you know if you had a cube containing all the elements in the last row of the periodic table (the transuranic elements), it would rapidly decay in seconds to produce a nuclear scale explosion? That’s without you doing anything because these elements are so unstable, they basically just want to explode all the time. You’d get yourself a nice sized atomic blow up that heats everything nearby into super hot plasma with terrible amounts of radioactive fallout. It’s pretty extreme. So, what better to personify the ‘Destroy’ in Destroy the Comics than a giant explosion with our name on it? This tender Triblend T-shirt features a real manly explosion!

This explosion kicks up a ton of dust from all the blast force, which is pretty consistent with a real life explosion–a moment of super-heated sound and fury then a giant smoky dustfront expanding outwards. Lucky you, you still see the violent flames and flash coming out of the smoke, suggesting an early part of the explosion. The forms are somewhat simplified, but still done in an overall realistic style. The thrust of the artwork is a faithful rendition of an explosion, yet with pronounced outlines and single tone shading contributing a more cartoon-like, larger-than-life feel. Note the contrast between the irregular, organic, undulating curves of the smoke and the sharp, uniform geometry of the explosive flashes. The Destroy the Comics logo lettering resides solidly in the bottom center of the explosion, superimposed in pure white with black stroke outlines like an action movie title. Because the colors are somewhat subdued with a majority of black and gray tones in the dust cloud, the soft yellow pricks of light appear more brilliant in comparison.

If you want to get explosive with Destroy the Comics, this shirt is for you. Grab it for your next in-your-face manly outing to the shooting range, blowing things up for science session, or just to the next Comic-Con (you know how comics burst with awesomeness). Get yo nerd street cred, son.

The print is centered in the chest area and about 14 inches x 10 inches.

About the Artist

daryl pebenito profile pic
An illustrator out of Newark, CA, Daryl experimented early with digital art. Inspired by video games and various things, he's happy to express emotion in his art and bring people enjoyment. More by Daryl

Supporting Independent Art With Every Purchase

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Benefits of Triblend Fabric in our Shirts

triblend t shirt with multicolor gradient overlay and triangle around it with text reading triblend ultra soft. durable. cool. next to itOur shirts are made exclusively of Triblend: a premium blend of 3 different fabrics for superior performance

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Ultimate Softness

Smoother, smaller fibers for worn-in, favorite shirt comfort

Long Lasting Durability

Wash and wear without worry, it'll keep looking great

Breathable Coolness

Perfect for hectic days around town & hot weather
heather pattern shirt

Fashion Friendly Sophistication

Beautiful heather "dappled" pattern adds textural interest
yoga guy stretching his leg behind head

Comfy Stretch, Better Fit

Moves with you and flatters your body in the right places
skater catching air with a kickflip

Doesn't Weight You Down

Move like you're naked, lightweight yet functional

Details & Specs

  • 50% Polyester, 25% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton, 25% Rayon - 100% Triblend jersey knit
  • Fashion slim fit
  • Pulls over
  • Preshrunk
  • Crew neck, baby rib knit for extra fine comfort
  • 32 Singles for perfect softness and weight
  • Lightweight 145g/4.3oz per sq yard (~4.8 oz/shirt, Med)
  • Printed in Detroit, USA, with full color digital high resolution
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Sizing & Fit

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Fashion slim fit follows the body gently without being too tight or too loose. Just right, we'd say.
Our shirts have a slimmish, tapered fit that isn't too tight or too loose. Slim fit varies a lot between brands, but we'd consider this in the slim family, with enough roominess to be comfortable. Some call this fashion slim fit or semi-fitted.
Protip: Prefer something with a roomier fit? Just order 1 size up!

How to Care for Your Sweet Shirt

Machine wash cold inside out to protect the print, no bleach. Pretreatment may remain on your made-to-order shirt which will add a harder, rougher texture (it's to help the print look good), the first wash will remove it and make everything nice and soft. Tumble dry low. Iron low, but avoid print.

Measurements in inches. Equivalent suit jacket sizes in parentheses for chest measurements.

Chest Length
(Suit Jacket)
27 ½ (36) 28 ½ (39) 29 ½ (42) 30 ½ (45) 31 ½ (49) 32 ½ (53)
Body Length 18 ¼ 19 ¾ 21 ¼ 22 ¾ 24 ¾ 26 ¾
Sleeve Length 7 ¾ 8 ⅛ 8 ½ 8 ⅞ 9 ¼ 9 ⅝

More Sizing and Fit Info

Additional information

Daryl Pebenito, Destroy the Comics


Fashion Slim



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