Introducing the Destroy the Comics Shop!

We’re opening up our Destroy the Comics shop and getting into the merch game with stickers and tees with art by our local artists. Our focus is on Triblend tees because the softness and performance of the fabric is unparalleled. It’s basically the softest thing we’ve ever felt in a shirt fabric.

As far as central themes go for our collections, it’s pretty much just fun stuff that any non-terrible person would like. We’re opening up with some food art, cool animals, and some nerdy stuff in keeping with our overall Destroy the Comics brand. What’s important is that we wanted to split the profits with our artists. We wanted to do more than just give a small royalty percentage on art–we wanted to have the artists be full partners so it’s something they can make a real living on. Just trying to keep art alive, in some small way.

You can read our full story on our About Us page.

If you want go a bit behind the scenes and learn some life details about our artists, check our Artists page.

If you’re more curious about what makes our special Triblend fabric in our shirts so amazing, you should read up here.

As always, we’re bringing you the most irreverent and uncensored high quality articles in the nerd-o-sphere on our main blog.

Or you can just jump in and start shopping!

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