Atlanta Review – Season One: Donald Glover’s Salad for Your Soul

[Updated on March 15th, 2018]

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Glover and company in Atlanta

Atlanta is a Masterpiece.

As a long time follower and fan of Donald Glover (even since the YouTube days) I found myself excited to delve into FX’s Atlanta for this Atlanta review. The series also really fits my taste as a fan of rap culture. Atlanta is a salad with different kinds of leafy emotions that are crisp and fresh. Expect to be caught by surprise when you sink your teeth into the sweetest cherry tomato. Then you’ll coast on this mixed bag until you get a crouton or even bacon bits! To top it all off there’s the dressing that encompasses this universe that is satirical, surreal and saucy. From Community to Childish Gambino I am a fan of it all and Atlanta is no exception.

High Quality Ingredients:

Glover has made the return to Television and his experiences in the music industry have made it onto script. Atlanta is Glover’s new television series on FX where the protagonist, Earnest, strives to make it big in the music industry following the viral success of his cousin, “Paper Boi”.  Many critics have stated that Atlanta portrays very accurately the whole music industry scene. It shows the real poor man struggle out in Atlanta. Atlanta is enlightening and enjoyable. The foundation of Atlanta’s first season lies in the Glover’s creative genius. FX has also been turning up the dial on production value. Combine both of these and we have ourselves a television series.

Tossing the Salad.

My favorite thing about Atlanta is that the tone of every episode teeters along a razor thin edge between comedy and drama. Often times I have been caught off guard thinking there will be a serious moment and suddenly I find my self in laughter. The tone of the series is always teetering right in between different emotional narratives and everything in Atlanta comes naturally. Nothing feels forced or feels awkward in any way. There are no traditional set-up punchline type of jokes but you’ll laugh because you might find yourself relating more than you’d hope. Season 1 of Atlanta is a well rounded, polished and nutritious.

The characters in Atlanta compliment one another. My favorite relationship in the show is between “Paper Boi” (Brian Tyree Henry) and his best friend Darius (Lakeith Stanfield). The typical loose cannon and his clueless (or is he?) right-hand man duo. Each time these characters are on screen it’s a delight. Main character, Earnest (Glover) and his baby mama, Van (Zazie Beetz) both are responsible but not responsible respectively. Where one lacks the other makes up; add in a conflict but they’re still super cool. Like a fine wine paired to an aged cheese, Atlanta puts real thought into character pairings.

Treat yourself.

To conclude this Atlanta review, in the end Atlanta takes it self seriously, but not too much at the same time. Some of the episodes are dedicated to developing certain characters in the story when I felt appropriate. Some episodes can also be surreal or reset the mood of the show when It’s teetering too far to one side of the narrative. I won’t ruin any more of it for you from there but I suggest you give Atlanta a watch. Even if you have to stream two hours of it at a time on FX’s website because you broke as fuck. This is a salad for your soul.

Watch it on FX here!

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IMDB: 8.6 Rotten Tomatoes: 100% Metacritic: 90

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