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Hunger Games, Harry Potter, & Star Wars: Why Creators Always Go Back to Their Big Stories

Some franchises transcend both their genres and the first medium their stories appear in. They become a part of the cultural fabric so quickly that everyone knows something about them. Interestingly, Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games earned this place in our culture very quickly. In little more than a decade, a simple dystopian YA novel […]

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Avengers: Endgame – Quick Review – Narrative Gambles, Epic Battles, Saga’s End

SPOILERS AHEAD! Major plot points and twists discussed in this review. Avengers: Endgame is pretty much the superhero movie of the decade, with a $1.2 billion worldwide opening weekend and is likely to have the most reviews written for any comic book movie ever (currently #1 on IMDB for popularity and already 322 critic reviews). […]

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Review: Fresh Art, Dope Music, Masterful Storytelling

Note: Spoilers ahoy in this Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse review. I’ve just watched one of the most refreshing, vibrant takes on Spider-Man to hit any form of media. I’m talking about Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse of course. You need to catch this aesthetically alive, breathtaking dive into the Spider mythos while it’s in theaters. Satisfy your […]

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The Titan Review: Forced Evolution Without Soul, Sense, & Center

About halfway through The Titan, I paused the movie and thought to myself, “why did I decide to watch this garbage?” Well, if I’m honest, it’s because it was the hot new sci-fi film being published by Netflix and their algorithms scored me at a 98% match. Oh you tricky, tricky Netflix engineers. I’m going […]

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Why Isle of Dogs is Problematic for Asian-Americans in Movies

A few days ago I posted an article about the new Wes Anderson movie “Isle of Dogs” to my Facebook account. It was an article about how some reviewers noticed that the movie was marginalizing Japanese culture. I expected the usual, a few friends like it, a few friends post some comments that agree with […]

A Black Panther Review: The Diaspora, Black History, and Power

A Black Panther Review: The Diaspora, Black History, and Power

First, let’s get this out of the way: Marvel’s new Black Panther movie is an excellent movie that captivates you in its splendor. The characters are compelling, the plot is thrilling, the cinematography/set design/costumes are great, the themes are treated intelligently, fight choreography is handled well, the villian is memorable, and it just exudes cool. If […]

Netflix's Death Note Movie Review - Everything is Just a Little Bit Off

Netflix’s Death Note Movie Review – Everything is Just a Little Bit Off

Death NOT Warning: Spoilers to Follow Warner Brother’s adaptation of a Japanese manga, Death Note, follows more closely along to its source material than I expected. They keep all the awkward names and it’s littered with references left and right. At the same time, the 2017 adaptation comes off as inconsistent in various ways, such […]

Interview With a Guy Who Liked Spiderman Homecoming (Spoiler Free)

Interview With a Guy Who Liked Spiderman Homecoming (Spoiler Free)

3rd Time’s a Charm? Spider-Man Homecoming just came out the other day and has been getting massive praise. Let’s find out if Spider-man’s third translation to the big screen is a charm by asking a local enthusiast. I will be interviewing myself in this article where I give you just enough information for you to […]