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Psssst. I heard you want to get in touch. That’s cool, I ain’t judging you.

Reach out and touch the person you want to talk to from the list or use the contact form below.

Sunny Mui

Editor, Web Developer

Talk to me about general inquiries, technical stuff, guest posting, partnerships, etc.

[email protected]


Daryl Pebenito

Designer, Lead Gaming Writer

Talk to me about design suggestions or gaming related things.

[email protected]


Andrew the Angry

Angry Man

That’s my secret, I’m always angry.

[email protected]


Alex Urena

[email protected]


Our Office (Contact Us IRL)

We believe in remote work and going where the story is, but if you need to reach us by mail (and can live with the approximately 20 grams of carbon generated by sending a letter, according to Pitney Bowes) you can send us real life postal correspondence at:

2066 N. Capitol Ave.

Suite 3043

San Jose, CA 95132