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[Updated on March 15th, 2018]

Hey there.

Yeah you, I’m talking to you. Are you wondering what we’re up to here? Who are these guys and why are they out to destroy the comics?

Have you ever read the latest release of a Marvel or DC comic, maybe the latest issue of Robin–or maybe this amazing masterpiece:

billy ray cyrus comic cover
Probably one of the best comics ever made.

Then you think to yourself, “Hmmm, Self, why the fuck did I just read that garbage?”

marville comic book cover
Lol wtf is going on here?

I’m sure you have. We’ve all had to deal with poorly written comics, bad art, cheesy dialogue, one dimensional characters, unoriginal storylines, and other injustices to the graphic art medium. It’s a part of being a reader–not everything you read will be good. In fact, some things will be quite terrible. But we keep on reading, keep on searching to find the gems hidden among the trash.

Thus, this blog Destroy the Comics. We’re just 4 guys who are comic book and popular media enthusiasts. And we wanted to share our thoughts. No big deal.

me and mike in the sails pavilion at comic con
So young and innocent.

A little detour for some backstory

I’ve been going to San Diego Comic Con (the king of cons, at least in my opinion) for almost 10 years now. Before that, I remember begging my parents for a comic book issue in the magazine aisle as I would wait for them to finish their grocery shopping. The art entranced me, the stories of fantastical worlds and tales of superpowered exploits captivated my imagination. It was a time of youth and a time of spellbound notions.

Fast forward to now–older, wiser (I hope!), and decidedly jaded. Yet, I still find it easy to spend an afternoon engrossed in a well written graphic novel as I flip the pages, following the plot lines, developing with the character, even striking chords of emotion for the fictional figments of another person’s conceived dreaming.

When you read something good, it becomes easy to lose yourself, temporarily, in another reality. In a way, the fiction lets us explore possibilities and opportunities that that are both far away, yet familiar in its humanity. We don’t read tales about emotionless robots. We read to see people who are larger than ourselves–the grandest visages of noble superheroes or the psychotic bloodshot countenance of devious villains–facing challenges that evoke familiar emotions: fear, joy, sorrow, anger, envy, bravery, vengeance, guilt, love, and more.

I would argue that comics provide us our modern epics, the Odysseus’ and Achilles’ of contemporary culture. These are our legends–our tragedies to be told and retold in admittedly different mediums than the ancient Greeks would have expected. What makes these superhero stories great is not how metahuman the characters are, it’s how close to human they remain despite their great powers.

cover of the illiad #1 comic
I’m gonna assume this probably isn’t a great comic.

I know, I’m talking a good game of bullshit right now, so let’s move back to the topic.

What we’re about

So we’re starting a blog. It’s about comics and related things in the ‘nerd’ culture. That means movies, games, television shows, and culture. We will examine, review, report, and analyze on theses subjects of popular media and arts. No pretenses of fair and balanced coverage–when you’re looking at entertainment it’s all a bit of an opinion. We’re all biased in some way or another. We’re just trying to share honest, well written thoughts in our opinions, and hopefully entertain a few people along the way.

We are not here to lie to you. We’re here to break down the bullshit and take down the hype.

We’re Destroy the Comics, and we are going to write what we want.

Sunny Mui

Post Author: Sunny Mui

Native to the SF Bay area with a decade of Comic Con experience. Reader of books, comics, and more. He also writes short stories and poetry once in a while, when he's feeling to the task. Designer, developer, and marketer by trade, but professional fun person by night. He's the lead in everything technical when it comes to Destroy the Comics. He built it on Wordpress, hardened the security, optimized the page speed performance, implemented search engine optimizations, set up marketing automation tools, and customized the design. When something breaks, he's the guy that either broke it or has to fix it (usually both). He's also the guy coordinating the author team, handling marketing, and sourcing guest content--not to toot his own horn too hard. A graduate of SFSU with degrees in Marketing and English Literature, he's got experience working in digital marketing agencies, startups, and in his own freelance ventures wearing a multitude of hats in every role. He's currently upping his technical game with a Udacity Nanodegree program in front end web development.

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