Doggy Cosplay: 14 Dog Costumes at Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 [Gallery]

[Updated on May 8th, 2017]

cosplay dog puppy animal cute

We went to a cosplay contest for dogs and we found a bunch of cute dog costumes.

Silicon Valley Comic Con feels like home to many attendees who come dressed in full cosplay outfits. That doesn’t mean only humans dress up because lazy attendees who don’t really wanna dress themselves up can just torture their canine friends instead.

These dogs don’t fucking care about Star Wars! They don’t understand because they’re just dogs but here’s like ten fourteen people who decided to do dress them up anyway, in no particular order.

1. Obi Wan Kenobi

cosplay dog puppy animal cute human gentleman
Obi Doggobi here to use the force and Puppy Mind trick you into giving him more treats and belly rubs.

2. Spock Probably

cosplay dog puppy animal cute star trek
Vulcan Dog clearly has no use for emotion, just his Stroller-ship to go into hyperspace.

3. Flash

cosplay dog puppy animal cute Flash dc
The Flash Dog is going nowhere until he gets pet.

4. Ewok

star wars cosplay dog puppy animal cute
Edawg from Episode VI: Return of the Puppies.

5. Batman

cosplay dog puppy animal cute batman
Batdog is nocturnal and needs to go back to bed.

6. Big Tough Bouncer

cosplay dog puppy animal cute security
Securipup. Yeah looks about right.

7. Ghostbuster

cosplay dog puppy animal cute ghostbusters
Ghost Barkers. Bark at them til they go away. He ain’t afraid of no ghost.

8. Dewback Stormtrooper

cosplay dog puppy animal cute star wars storm trooper
Troop Dogg is on the street lookin’ to blaze some of that California fire.

9. Walking Dead – Daryl

cosplay dog puppy animal cute walking dead daryl
This pup is supposed to be Daryl from the Walking Dead. Sick name, Dog. (Also: Note this Pokemon Trainer had no Lilipup, Houndour, Rockruff, Entei or anything. I was disappointed.

10. Never Ending Story?

cosplay dog puppy animal cute
Uhhh idk is this supposed to be the dragon from The Never Ending Story? Someone enlighten me.


cosplay dog puppy animal cute

12. Game of Thrones – Drogon? Viserion? Rhaegal?

cosplay dog puppy animal cute dragon
Excuse me, I go by Dracodog Khaleesipup.

13. Captain America

cosplay dog puppy animal cute captain america
Captain Pupmerica, on the lookout to hunt down Red Squirrel.

14. Flash Again Ugh

cosplay dog puppy animal cute flash
The Fluff Flash.

So I saw all the entrants and decided that I didn’t need to stay until the end because after I saw this doggy, I knew he’d be the winner. All of you best recognize a winner when you see one.


cosplay dog puppy animal cute human gentleman

Lassies and Gentlepups the winner of SVCC’s Doggy Cosplay Contest.

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